PBN-TECH BH04PRO – Event Logging TSCM Detector


BH04PRO Cyber TSCM Detector

Detection of 2/3/4 & 5G Signals

High Sensitivity up to: -70 dBm (ANT 1) -50 dBm (ANT 2)

Built in Frequency Meter – TURBO Frequency Identification

3 Operation Modes: Search, Oscillograph, Security

TSCM Detection – Live Scanning & Event Logging  in one device.

  • Detection of 2G/3G/4G/5G Signals
  • Detection of DECT/Bluetooth/GSM/WLAN/WIFI/GPS
  • 3 Operation Modes: Search, Oscillograph, Security
  • Background Subtraction Function
  • 4 Banks of Memory 2,000 signals per Bank
  • PDF Reporting – PC/MAC/Linux Compatible
  • Acoustic Indication
  • Probing Signal
  • Antenna 1 – Frequency Range 10-2400 GHz
  • Antenna 2 – Frequency Range 2400-8000 GHz (High Speed Channel)
  • Dynamic Range – Up to 70 db
  • High Sensitivity up to: -70 dBm (ANT 1) -50 dBm (ANT 2)
  • Built in Frequency Meter – TURBO Frequency Identification
  • Overwatch RF Monitoring Protocols – Security Mode


All in one Cyber TSCM Detection – Live Sweep & Event logging System

The BH04PRO Provides users with the most upto date all in one solution for performing a Professional TSCM Sweep.

Combining advanced Live Detection across the whole signal spectrum including 5G and earlier GSM frequencies.

Extremely effective tool for combatting information leakage, built to tackle sophisticated threats which utilize the internet of things – IOT.

BH04PRO has two independent search channels with separate Antennas and a built-in frequency meter which can report and identify frequencies extremely quickly.


Operating in Live Environments

Sometimes sterilizing an environment is not possible. In an active environment where transmissions are critical to an organizations ability to be operational, BH04 PRO can still be used by using the Background Subtraction function.

Background subtraction is important in surveys where the location may be close to something like a cell tower operating at 900 MHz, the devices’ ability to memorize and white list specific transmissions, means you can rely on the device to detect actual threats and remember authorized transmissions.


Detection of Burst Signals

The Internet of Things (IOT) has transformed Information Leakage and propelled a certain type of unauthorized threat into the hands of almost anyone.

Modern threats utilize WIFI or GSM connectivity, these technologies combined with audio recording capability and long battery life, ensures a threat can remain in place for months on end.

Store and forward systems can be remotely activated to transmit collected audio files.  (Burst Signals)

WIFI/GSM based unauthorized eavesdropping devices can collect data for long periods and then transmit them in just a few minutes.


Security Mode – Overwatch Monitoring System

TSCM Live sweeps can only be fully effective if they are conducted over a prolonged period.

Performing Event Logging on the BH04PRO is available under the Security Mode Function on the device.

Activating the Security Mode on BH04PRO and leaving it in a high value location gives security professionals the ability to monitor the radio environment for a longer period than a Live Sweep.

Performing Security Mode accounts for threats such as burst signals which may only transmit at irregular hours, to avoid detection.


Event Logging & Activity Reports

Users can view the activity report by connecting BH04PRO to a PC/Mac/Linux computer and generating PDF reports which can show you all frequency events occurring throughout the time the device was monitoring the location.

The report will display:

  1. Type of Frequency
  2. Time of Transmission
  3. Duration of Transmission
  4. Power level of transmission

Security Mode Activity monitoring on BH04PRO can store up to 2,000 signals per memory bank, there are 4 memory banks inside BH04PRO.


Live Protection for Environments which need enhanced monitoring – Overwatch Protocols

If no electronic devices are permitted in the meeting to minimize information leakage risk, BH04PRO can be placed in the meeting room and immediately report any threats that may enter the room.

Also ideal for locations where devices like Cell Phones are not permitted.

Use the BH04PRO for constant monitoring of high priority locations.


Advanced Functions paired with Ease of Use

BH04 is an advanced system but very easy to operate and extremely easy to transport.

The onboard Frequency counter makes it very easy to identify RF transmissions fast.

The ability to not only detect but identify the transmission gives users the maximum discoverability with super-fast detection speed.

Excellent system for live TSCM sweeping between 10 – 8GHz.

Proactive Approach to TSCM with Event Logging and Live TSCM sweeping all built into one system.



Frequency range
  • ANT1 Channel: 10 – 2400 MHz
  • ANT2 Channel: 2400 – 8000 MHz
Sensitivity of frequency meter Up to -50 dBm
  • ANT1 channel: up to -70 dBm
  • ANT2 channel: up to -55 dBm
Dynamic range
  • ANT1 Channel: 70 dB
  • ANT2 Channel: 55 dB
Operation modes Search, oscillograph, protection
Power consumption Up to 0.6 W
Power 3.5 – 4.2V Li-Pol battery (could be charged by 110/220V mains or by 5V 1A power adapter)
Dimensions 130 х 80 х 16 mm (5.0 x 3.0 x 0.6 in)
Weight 200 g (7.0 oz)



  • RF signal detector PBNBH04PRO
  • Antenna 10-2400 MHz (ANT1);
  • Antenna 2400-8000 MHz (ANT2);
  • Power adapter;
  • Mini-USB cord;
  • Headphones;
  • English Manual;
  • Warranty certificate;
  • Foam Cushioned Packaging/Box.

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