PBN-TECH AVKITS – AVK-LE02 PI Surveillance Kit

  • Law Enforcement Surveillance Kit
  • Professional Audio and Video Solutions
  • Capturra Evidence Smart Drive 1TB
  • Multiple Optimization Accessories
  • Pelican 1120 Case with Pick n Pluck Cushioning

AVKITS were introduced in 2020, specifically built for Law Enforcement, the kits feature a range of devices which are constantly supplied to LE and Investigators for Professional use.

AVK-LE02 features professional audio and video recording devices and a range of optimization and storage accessories which optimizes usage and workflow.

Delivery Set 1 (AVK-LE02) includes:

PBN-BVIM – Black Vox Internal Mic 8GB Long Life Audio Recorder

PBN-BVEXT – Black Vox External Mic 8GB Long Life Audio Recorder

PROCAM-720-OTG – 720P Wearable DVR 128GB OTG

CAPKIT Smart Drive 1TB – Capturra 1TB Smart Drive with Capturra Image & Video Investigation Software

Multiple Optimization Accessories – OTG Adapter – 128GB SD Card – USB 3.0 Reader – High Speed Magnetic Charge Cable

Designed for Investigators who want to be prepared for any task and case that comes across their desk.

Having the right tools for audio and video surveillance is an important decision for agencies, the AVKITS range of systems were created as a result of Law Enforcement feedback, all devices inside the AVKITS are tried and trusted solutions.

Each AVKITS option features a Capturra Smart drive, a dual use product with multiple uses for Investigation Agencies.

For a full brief of each solution inside the kit including specifications, please reference the product code pages for each individual product.

Customization Enquiries

Whilst the tools inside the AVKITS are popular amongst LE and Agencies, we can also accept customization inquiries, if you see a tool which you would prefer to have inside your AVKIT, contact us directly and let us know what options you would prefer to order.

Peli Case 1150 has a pluck and pick cushioning system, ensuring any customization requests can be fully protected.

AVK-LE02 – Delivery Set:

1 x PBN-BVIM – Black Vox Internal Mic 8GB Audio Recorder

1 x PBN-BVEXT – Black Vox External Mic 8GB Audio Recorder

1 x PROCAM-U720-OTG – Wearable HD 720P DVR with 90 Degree Tilt Lens

1 x OTG Adapter – Compatible with iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablet/Windows/Mac

Connect any USB device to the OTG and connect to any Phone/Tablet and review audio/Video.

1 x USB 3.0 Media Card Reader – The Media Card reader 3.0 is the fastest way to upload footage onto a PC/Mac.

This USB 3.0 Card reader will perform up to 10 times faster than transferring directly from the surveillance device.

1 x 128GB SD Card – The PROCAM-U7-OTG 720P HD DVR has a removable 128GB Class 10 SD Card pre-installed to the device.

1 x AAA External Battery Pack USB – USB Emergency Charger which can be used with the included OTG adapter to charge virtually any digital device.

The External battery pack is a USB device that uses 3 x AAA batteries (not included) which can be connected to virtually any device to perform emergency charging.

1 x USB Cable for Capturra Connectivity to PC/MAC

2 x USB to Magnetic Charge/Data Cable for BVIM/BVEXT

1 x Pelican 1150 Case with Pick n Pluck cushioning with custom slots for each tool within the AVK-LE02

The Pelican 1150 is an airtight waterproof, lockable Protector case With the following Dimensions 8.42 x 6.77 x 3.85 inches (Outer Dimensions).

Manuals (English Only) for all tools included with the AVK-LE02


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