PBN-TECH PBN-BVCALC – Black Vox Calculator Covert Audio Recorder with VOX & Time & Date File Stamping


PBN-BVCALC– Black Vox Audio Calculator – 75 Days Long Life Covert Audio Recorder

Law Enforcement Grade Tactical Audio Recorder built inside a fully functional Calculator – Time 7 Date Stamping and Voice Activation.

  • Black Vox Covert Calculator Audio Recorder
  • Built for Law Enforcement
  • 72 Hours Continuous Recording
  • Fully Functional Calculator
  • Completely Covert System
  • 288 Hours storage – 8GB
  • Voice Activated Audio
  • 40 Feet Audio Capture
  • Time & Date File Stamping

Black Vox Audio Solutions are a UK produced range of audio solutions built specifically for Covert Tactical Audio ops.

Originally designed for Law Enforcement and used by hundreds of Investigation departments worldwide.

Why is this Black Vox the preferred solution for Law Enforcement? 

Black Vox is designed to overcome many of the issues investigators face when using covert audio recording equipment, Black Vox Calculator is idea for office based covert audio recording.

Ease of Use

All Black Vox solutions are designed with ease of use in mind.

When you need to use a professional audio recorder, you need peace of mind that your solution can be quickly and easily deployed without worrying about what you need to do to capture your audio. 

With 75 Days standby battery and Voice Activation as the only Mode on the Calculator, you only need to switch it on once and users can record upto 72 hours of Audio continuously or upto 75 days of recordings on a single charge.

Law Enforcement operations happen in real time and there is no room for error.

The 40-foot audio capture range is based on multiple testing scenarios in a variety of environments including cars and busy places where recording audio may be compromised.

The onboard adjustment settings on the software included with Black Vox allows Investigators to adjust the Microphone sensitivity.

Covert Deployment

BVCALC is built with risk of discovery at the forefront of the design, access to the charge input is built inside the calculator, there are no visible signs of the Audio recorder on the outside of the Calculator, the calculator itself is fully functional and the Audio recorder components fitted inside the calculator are extremely light weight, in both touch and appearance it would be virtually impossible for the audio applications to be discovered. 

Specifications – PBN-BVCALC

Product Dimensions 4.30 x 3.10 x 0.77 inches
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Memory 8GB
Storage 72 Hours
Standby Upto 75 Days in Voice Activated Mode
Power USB
Time & Date Stamp Yes
Voice Activated Mode Yes
Microphone Capture Range 40 FT
Auto Level Control – ALC Yes
Warranty Period 1 Year
Country of Origin UK


  • Designed for law Enforcement and Investigators.
  • Used in a variety of scenarios by Law Enforcement.
  • Used in workplace Investigations.
  • Supplied to over 150 Private investigation Agencies in 2022

Time & Date Stamping

Black Vox Systems have Time and Date File stamping, to configure the Time & Date file stamping, users can only configure this feature through a Windows Computer.

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