Panamax MOD-SPKP Modules, Speakers, Keypads, CCTV Power Lines


Product Overview:

Panamax MOD-SPKP, Module, Speakers, Keypads, CCTV Power Lines

The Panamax MOD-SPKP module is designed to protect outdoor gear from surges and spikes. If you wish to having a great outdoor speakers and volume control to enjoy your favorite tunes beyond the confines of your living room, you need a Panamax MOD-SPKP to secure your investment. The Panamax MOD-SPKP is a full system or solo defense, this Panamax MOD-SPKP is a plug-in module gives you additional protected connections for your outdoor equipment. Panamax MOD-SPKP features eight screw terminals for your speakers wires, control lines and security wires. In addition, Panamax MOD-SPKP can expand the protection offered by your Panamax surge protector or provide a separate ground to use as a stand-alone.

Key Features:

  • Wires Protected: 8
  • Wire Size: 12 AEG Max.
  • Screw Terminals: Compatible w/ 12 Gauge Wire
  • Power Handling Capacity for Outdoor Speakers: 225 Watts per Channel for 4 Ohm Speakers
  • Per Wire Capacity: 7 Amp
  • Modes Protected: All Terminals to Ground
  • Connectors: 8 Wire Screw Terminals
  • Clamping Level: 47V (30Vrms max to the speaker output)
  • 112 Watts per Channel for 8 Ohm Speakers
  • Family = Signal Protection Modules
  • Line Voltage = Passive
  • Number of Outlets = 0
  • USB Charging = N/A
  • Low Voltage Trigger = N/A
  • AC Power Cord = N/A
  • Weight = .56 lbs
AC Protection
  • Initial Clamping Level = 47V Peak
  • Filtration Technology = N/A
  • Signal Line Protection = 8 wires/4 pairs
Shipping Info
  • Length = 2 (Inches)
  • Width = 5.25 (Inches)
  • Height = 4.5 (Inches)
  • Weight = 0.66 (Lbs)
  • Unit of Measure = Each
  • UPC = 050616007757
  • Master Pack Qty = 24

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