Milestone Systems Expert VMS Software XPETBL


The Milestone XProtect Expert Video Management System Base License is an open platform that provides a centralized control system for available/compatible cameras, encoders, DVRs, access control units, and other security software such as facial recognition. It is a scalable management system designed for large scale and multi-site areas that require video surveillance.

The VMS includes three XProtect clients (interfaces) that enable users to access live and recorded video to gain real-time situational awareness and investigate incidents. The clients share common design and basic functionality, simplifying switching between the interfaces as your needs require. Please note that this is a license for the VMS software, which does not expire, however, adding available cameras requires the purchase of a license for each camera.

Client Interface

Smart Client is the primary user interface for security operators and other daily users. Its adaptable user interface provides both basic and advanced users with an interface optimized for their particular tasks.

Web Client provides flexible access to video surveillance systems and can be used as the simplified daily viewing client for users with basic needs. It allows users to view, play back and share video through any Internet-enabled computer or device.

Users can access surveillance on-the-go with Milestone Mobile, an application for viewing, playing back and exporting video. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play, the application gives instantaneous access to XProtect systems via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections.

Open Platform

The system's open platform allows third-party vendors to write or modify their software and hardware systems to work within the XProtect VMS, thus allowing for continued expansion of products and capabilities as they are developed (requires purchase of an optional upgrade license).

The VMS supports the components beyond cameras that a surveillance system requires, such as network routers, switches, wiring, servers, backup power supplies and management and recording software. Many third party components are supported by the VMS, allowing you to choose the available components that best meet your needs.

The open nature of the XProtect platform allows you to integrate independent security and business systems into the VMS. This allows you to use surveillance video for many purposes, such as training, quality assurance in production control or logistics, delivery and inventory status, insurance claims, employee procedures and environmental hazard monitoring.


A flexible licensing model gives you the freedom to add new technologies as they are developed, allowing you to continually update and improve your solution.

Situational Awareness

Interactive, Multi-Layered Maps

A comprehensive visual overview of cameras and layouts, providing a complete overview of the entire installation

Alarm Manager

Integrated with the map function, it gives a consolidated overview of security and system alarms, providing immediate visual verification

Customer Dashboard

Resellers can monitor the system health of XProtect Enterprise installations to ensure optimal operation

Camera Navigator

Shows camera locations, names and view areas, making complex locations easy to navigate and allowing you to efficiently track moving objects

Video Evidence Integrity

Uninterrupted Availability of Recordings

When a hard disk is removed from the system, recordings can always be viewed through XProtect Smart Client - Player, which is stored on the drive to ensure continuous access to video recordings

MKV Format Export:

Export option that allows video to be exported in the same format as it was originally recorded so it can be viewed in standard video players

Continuous Evidence Availability

For installations whose highest priority is to collect video evidence, specific settings can prevent video from never being deleted

Performance & Reliability

64-bit Recording Server

Allows users to run more cameras on less hardware

Long-Term Video Storage

Dynamic archiving saves valuable disk space by storing short-term video on fast, local disks while historical data is moved to less expensive, networked disk systems

Dual Streaming

Two independent, configurable video streams for live and recorded viewing

Motion Detection

Saves hardware use even when additional cameras are added


Your software does not expire, however software upgrades and adding cameras to your system requires a Software Upgrade License (SUP). The SUP provides software upgrades and must be purchased for the entire system, which means the base system and any device licenses such as for cameras or door controller units.

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