Milestone Systems Care Plus 3 Years for Expert Base License


The Milestone 3-Year SUP For XProtect Expert Base License is a three-year software upgrade plan for your existing XProtect Expert VMS base license. The base license includes three XProtect clients (interfaces) that enable users to access live and recorded video to gain real-time situational awareness and investigate incidents. The clients share common design and basic functionality, simplifying switching between the interfaces as your needs require. XProtect Expert also includes a generic framework for handling metadata, dual authorization capability, multi-live streaming video, and support for XProtect's optional Smart Wall.

Please note that your original license for the VMS software does not expire; however, support for upgrades and updates requires an active SUP. This SUP is for XProtect Expert VMS systems that have current SUPS that have not expired, and provides three years of support.


This item requires the prior purchase of Milestone software. Purchasers will be contacted by a customer service representative to confirm the serial license codes of the required software.

Provides software upgrade support for your existing XProtect VMS system for threes years, for systems that have not lapsed their SUP coverage.

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