Milestone HE150D-4TB Husky 150 Desktop Server with 4TB HDD

Throughput Up to 150 mbit/s | Local storage Up to 16 TB

The Husky IVO 150 Desktop is the most simple, easy-to-use video surveillance appliance for XProtect®. Husky 150D is ideal for smaller sites with installations of only a few cameras and a smaller scale need to view real-time footage locally.

Easy setup and access
Reduce the time spent on finding the right installers, downloading drivers and even choosing your XProtect VMS version. The Husky IVO 150D has all this covered for you.
  • Seamless setup with the Husky Assistant in a few simple steps
  • Always have the latest XProtect software version
  • Windows and XProtect VMS optimization according to your needs
  • Choose any version of XProtect for your setup
Next-level peace of mind
Your video installation should not only be easy to set up, but also easy to manage and support - without extra costs or complexity. With Husky IVO 150D, you get our standard five-year warranty, with single-point support through Milestone and all the benefits of using XProtect as your VMS.
  • Extended camera compatibility - connect more than 10,000 devices to your XProtect VMS
  • Single point of contact for the support of both the VMS and the appliances
  • Possibility for onsite support interventions for hardware repairs and replacement
Key features
  • Small form factor - ideal for locations with limited space
  • Up to 16TB raw video storage
Recommended usage
  • Up to 20 channels (based on the following video stream: 1080p, 30 FPS, 5-8 Mbit/s/channel, with video motion detection recording)
  • Local live view/playback possible for up to 4 channels through XProtect Smart Client, without affecting the overall performance.
Main Features
  • Allows you to control multiple linked IP cameras remotely or centrally that exist at different locations
  • Manage remotely. Just get it connected to the internet and it will start monitoring
  • Ethernet connectivity is more reliable then wireless
General Information
Name: Milestone Systems Husky IVO 150D Video Surveillance Station, Milestone Systems, Milestone Systems
Category: Milestone Systems,inc., Video Surveillance, Servers

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