Milestone HE1000R-16TB Husky 1000 2U Rackmount Server with 16TB HDD

Throughput Up to 1080 Mbit/s | Local storage Up to 128 TB

The Husky IVO 1000 Rack is a powerful 2U rack-mount appliance that brings together performance, redundancy, and time-saving ease-of-use in a single unit with a low total cost of ownership.

Powerful unit, simple setup
With a powerful processor, extensive storage and flexible options for redundancy, the Husky IVO 1000R is a great fit for your critical installation.
  • Performant unit with optimized software-hardware interaction
  • Full hardware redundancy with dual OS drives, power supplies and RAID
  • Easy and seamless setup with Husky Assistant
Equips you for the future
With the Husky IVO 1000R, you don't need to worry about being ready for the future. This unit has extra bays for additional storage, the flexibility to add extra components to support analytics or to increase performance and, finally, the freedom to scale up your video installation with XProtect® as your VMS.
  • Additional four bays available for extra storage
  • Use with any XProtect version to unlock further features of your VMS
  • Extended camera compatibility - connect more than 10,000 devices to your XProtect VMS
Key features
  • Rack-mount unit 2U form factor - fits perfectly with an existing IT infrastructure
  • Up to 128TB local storage on 8 bays
  • Potential to expand storage with additional four bays
  • Dual OS drives & power supplies
  • Hardware RAID for increased redundancy
  • iDRAC9 Enterprise
  • Hardware RAID for increased redundancy
  • iDRAC9 Enterprise
Recommended usage
  • Up to 150 channels (based on the following video stream: 1080p, 30 FPS, 5-8 Mbit/s/ channel, with video motion detection recording)
  • XProtect Management and Recording Client running - viewing recommended on a separate machine through XProtect Smart Client
Main Features
  • Allows the camera to record at greater image per second levels
  • Manage remotely from your computer, tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device
  • Ethernet connectivity is more reliable then wireless
General Information
Name: Milestone Systems Husky IVO 1000R Video Surveillance Station, Milestone Systems, Milestone Systems
Category: Milestone Systems,inc., Video Surveillance, Servers

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