Lutron SCR-20-HDTR-SW 20 Amp Half-Dimmable Receptacle - (Snow | Satin)


Lutron® 20 Amp Half-Dimmable Receptacle

This designer-style 20A tamper-resistant receptacle enables you to dim the top outlet, while allowing the bottom outlet to remain live and be controlled by a switch. It also features a handy spring-loaded slider that prevents insertion of keys, hairpins, or nails into the outlet. Use this product in coordination with Maestro dimmers and switches.

Color Differentiation - We recommend only using Lutron Claro® color-matched wallplates and inserts with this product or the colors will not be an exact match.

Half-Dimmable Capability

With this receptacle, you have the option to make the bottom outlet live or have it be controlled by a switch, while the top outlet can be dimmable at all times.

Tamper-Resistant Slider

Unlike traditional receptacles, tamper-resistant receptacles offer added protection through a permanently installed, spring-loaded slider mechanism. This spring-loaded slider is capable of resisting insertion of single pronged elements (such as keys, hairpins, or nails) while still allowing access to electrical plugs.

Dimmer Nose Design

Due to the design of this dimming receptacle, standard plugs cannot be used with this outlet. Use standard switched receptacle wiring to install this product, as HDTR requires two separate live/hot feeds.

Included Color-Matched Wallplate

To better match your client’s aesthetics, Lutron includes a color-matched Lutron® Claro® wallplate with these receptacles.

    Color Snow
    Features Half-Dimmable Receptacle, Tamper-Resistant
    Power Output 20 A
    Line Voltage 125 VAC, 60 Hz

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