IN STOCK! Lutron PJ2-3BRL-GWH-L01 Pico 3-Button Raise/Lower Light Remote - (White | Gloss)


Lutron® Pico 3-Button Raise/Lower Light Remote

When you want remote lighting control without cutting into drywall, place a Pico instead. The Pico 3-button light wireless remote control is a flexible, easy-to-use device that delivers wireless load control of Lutron devices from anywhere inside a home. It has a raise/lower dimming feature as well as a central button to program a favorite preset. Battery-operated, with a ten-year battery life, the Pico requires no external power or communication wiring, and can be mounted in a variety of configurations.

Place Them Anywhere

Create custom lighting control in any location with a hard surface, whether that’s drywall or glass! Lutron offers multiple versions of the Pico remote as well as color-matched Lutron® Claro® wallplates, so it’s always suited to the room, application, or scene in question.

Versatile Applications

Pico remotes don’t just have to stay in the wall. Use one as a tabletop control, a lightweight handheld remote, or a control clipped to a car visor. It can be wall-mounted with a Lutron® Claro® faceplate, to mimic a traditional keypad.

Precise Scene Control

Set multiple lights and shades to just the right level, creating scenes for any activity. Scene keypads automatically configure to provide the best lighting for the task at hand. Each Pico can control up to 10 Maestro dimmers/switches at a 30ft range.

Reliable RF Communication

Because Pico remotes communicate information to the main repeater using a low-interference RF channel between 431 MHz to 437 MHz, they’re able to work quickly and reliably without thousands of system addresses prevent interference between systems.

Device Compatibility

Pico wireless controls communicate with Maestro Wireless dimmers and switches. Each one can control up to ten Maestro Wireless dimmers, switches and lamp dimmers that are within a 30 m. (100 ft.) line of sight or within a 9 m. (30 ft.) through-wall range.

10-Year Battery Life

No more fumbling with tiny batteries. Pico remotes have a ten-year battery life so your customer can spend more time enjoying their system.

Battery Description
Battery Life: 10 years
Battery Type: CR2032
White, Gloss
Dimensions (W x H x D)
1.28" x 2.6" x 0.34"
Button Count: 5
RF Frequency
431.0-437.0 MHz
Power Input
3 Vdc

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