IN STOCK! Lutron PJ2-3BRL-GWH-A02 Pico Audio Remote - (White | Gloss)


Lutron® Pico Audio Remote

When you want remote audio control without cutting into drywall, place a Pico instead. The Pico 4-button wireless remote control is a flexible, easy-to-use device that delivers wireless audio volume control. Compatible with all Lutron devices, it has a raise/lower volume feature as well as a central button to program a favorite preset. Battery-operated, with a ten-year battery life, the Pico requires no external power or communication wiring, and can be mounted in a variety of configurations.

Compatible With Sonos®

Use this Pico audio remote with Sonos® and other popular audio control systems. Add a new or additional point of control without the need for new wires; this remote fits inside a standard decorator opening faceplate. An indicator LED gives you visual feedback when a command gets triggered. For more information, click here.

Place Them Anywhere

Create custom lighting control in any location with a hard surface, whether that’s drywall or glass! Lutron offers multiple versions of the Pico remote as well as color-matched Lutron® Claro® wallplates, so it’s always suited to the room, application, or scene in question.

Versatile Applications

Pico remotes don’t just have to stay in the wall. Use one as a tabletop control, a lightweight handheld remote, or a control clipped to a car visor. It can be wall-mounted with a Lutron® Claro® faceplate, to mimic a traditional keypad.

Reliable RF Communication

Because Pico remotes communicate information to the main repeater using a low-interference RF channel between 431 MHz to 437 MHz, they’re able to work quickly and reliably without thousands of system addresses prevent interference between systems.

10-Year Battery Life

No more fumbling with tiny batteries. Pico remotes have a ten-year battery life so your customer can spend more time enjoying their system.

Battery Description
Battery Life: 10 years
Battery Type: CR2032
White, Gloss
Dimensions (W x H x D)
1.28" x 2.6" x 0.34"
Button Count: 5
RF Frequency
431.0-437.0 MHz
Power Input
3 Vdc

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