Lutron LRF2-VKLB-P-WH Corner Vacancy Sensor

$89.00 $99.99

Lutron® Corner Vacancy Sensor

Lutron® Radio Powr Savr vacancy sensors are wireless, battery-powered, passive infrared (PIR) sensors that automatically control lights via RF communication to compatible dimming and switching devices. These sensors detect the heat (IR radiation of 9.5 μm) from people moving within an area to determine when the space is occupied. The sensors then wirelessly transmit the appropriate commands to the associated dimming and switching devices to turn the lights on automatically. They combine both convenience and exceptional energy savings potential along with ease of installation.

Automatic Options

Each Lutron vacancy sensor has an auto-off and manual off option, as well as low-light control that turns lights on automatically in low ambient light conditions. Use the adjustable timeout feature to set this vacancy sensor for 1, 5, 15, or 30-minute intervals.

Local Load Control Distance

Local load controls must be located within 18 m. (60 ft.) of a sensor in line-of-sight or within 9 m. (30 ft.) of a sensor positioned through walls.

Clear Connect® RF Technology

This sensor operates via Lutron’s reliable Clear Connect® Radio Frequency (RF) technology, so it connects easily to other Lutron® wireless devices using the low-frequency 434MHz band.

Extend Coverage

Multiple sensors can be added for extended coverage. Refer to product specifications of receiving device to determine system limits.

Convenient For Clients

Sensors aren’t just for security purposes. They can also be convenient for end users who arrive at work early, leave late at night, or who just want a little extra light in the hallway.


Battery Runtime @ Full Load                                    10 years
Battery Size                                                               CR123 Battery
Dimensions (W x H x D)                                            4.35" x 1.8"
Mounting                                                                  Corner
RF Frequency                                                            431.0-437.0 MHz
Power Input                                                              3 Vdc, 14 uA

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