Luma 852437007028 Home Wi-Fi System (3 pack/White)


Luma Home Wi-Fi System (3 pack/White)

Surround Wi-Fi that personalizes any home! The Luma Home Wi-Fi System offers the fastest Wi-Fi anywhere. With a mesh network users now have the freedom of content filters, lock down grade cybersecurity, and more. This system truly gives Wi-Fi and upgrade.


Sets Itself

It only takes a few minutes. The Luma Home Wi-Fi System sets itself right up. It creates a mesh network to deliver faster Wi-Fi to every room and even recognizes any obstacles that might block the signal and automatically works around them.


Home Network

Say goodbye to dead zones. From the smallest apartment to the largest home, the Luma Wi-Fi System provides strong signal strength without disruption. It indicates how many devices are needed to set up a mesh network to customize unique home setups and run at full speed all day, every day.



No more worrying over network security. The Luma Home Security Wi-Fi System comes equipped with enterprise grade security. Best of all content filters are included so parents can control what their children have access to. Users only need to set the needed content level and children are restricted to only allowed media. Adjust times to shut lock the system down at bedtime, dinnertime, and more.


Full Control

Designed to please, this system is tuned to users’ needs. The Luma phone app offers access to all the controls. Users can check their speed, give access to visitors, adjust parental settings, even pause the internet for dinner.



Luma was created by Dr. Paul Judge and Mike Van Bruinisse. Paul and Mike have worked together for 15 years solving complex networking and security problems for the largest companies in the world. With the rise of the connected home, people are using more devices than ever. Home Wi-Fi networks now need to be able to keep every one of them running and fully secure. Mike, Paul, and the team decided to use their expertise to create the perfect, personalized Wi-Fi network for everyone. On that day, Luma was born. Since then, the mission has been the same: To create the fastest, simplest, most secure, and most reliable home network that’s equipped for the technology of today, and tomorrow.

Wireless IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Simultaneous Dual-Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz
Bluetooth 4.0 with low energy
Surround WiFi enabled
Ports 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports of WAN and LAN USB 2.0
System NAT, DHCP, VPN Passthrough
In the Box Luma, Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, Quick-start Guide
Encryption WiFI Protected Access (WPA/WPA2)
Hardware Quad-core Processor, LED Tri-Color Light Ring

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