LG US670H 43" Class HDR 4K UHD Smart Hospitality IPS LED TV 43US670H0UA


Provide your guests with a welcoming experience and smart TV functionality with the LG US670H 43" Class HDR 4K UHD Smart Hospitality IPS LED TV. It lets you set your own welcome screen and has features that let your guests view amenities quickly and easily. The TV uses 4K UHD native resolution with 300 cd/m² of brightness to provide clear, vibrant images, even with the curtains open and lights on. Three HDMI inputs let you connect your source devices of choice, or enable your guests to plug their own in. The USB port lets you copy settings from one TV to another for quick installation of multiple TVs.

Pro:Centric Direct

The Pro:Centric Direct hotel content management solution offers editing tools that make it easy to perform service and IP network-based remote management. This solution enables users to edit their interface and provides customized interface to efficiently manages in-room TVs. The current PCD version provides IoT-based in-room control as well as voice control function through LG Natural Language Processing (NLP).


Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology provides access to premium content to help assure rapid and broad deployment of HDTV and other high-value digital content.

More Innovative LG webOS 5.0

The newly added Gallery Mode enables you to utilize the TV as a piece of artwork that harmonizes with the room it's installed in.

Bluetooth Sound Sync

Bluetooth Sound Sync enables users to listen to music on their compatible mobile device through the TV's speakers via Bluetooth connection.

Soft AP

Software-enabled Access Point (Soft AP) is a "virtual" Wi-Fi feature that uses the TV as a wireless hotspot, enabling guests to connect their own devices to the Soft AP. It supports Bridge Mode, allowing administrators to manage in-room Soft AP information such as signal level, Soft AP passwords, and more.


Connect a smartphone or a laptop to the TV via a Wi-Fi Direct connection. The TV will display the device's screen, and users can share their content and memories together.

USB Cloning

USB data cloning makes setting up multiple displays more efficient for optimal operation. Instead of setting up each display one-by-one, data can be copied to a USB drive for one display and can be sent to the other displays through a USB plug-in.

Remote Diagnostics

Real-time Remote Diagnostics reports and detects errors early to help diagnose malfunctioning TVs.

External Speaker Out

Enhance the entertainment experience with an additional speaker. Guests can listen to the TV audio from anywhere, even the restroom.

Multi-Code IR

The Multi-code IR function, which requires an optional Multi-code IR-enabled remote, eliminates any remote control signal interference between TVs in rooms with multiple TVs installed.

Additional Features

  • Up to 30,000-hour lifespan
  • HDR 10 Pro
  • 4K UHD content streaming via USB, IP, HDMI, and RF
  • Tru 4K Upscaler
  • MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 H.264 broadcast decoding
  • Closed captioning
  • AI Sound
  • One Touch Sound Tuning
  • LG Sound Sync via optical and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Pro:Centric IP Return Path
  • Multicast & Unicast ready
  • Pro:Centric webRTC (Real Time Communication)
  • Pro:Centric Direct (HTML)
  • Java Pro:Centric app
  • Quick Menu version 4.0
  • Web browser
  • CP app
  • Magic Motion Remote (MMR) compatibility
  • Software world clock & alarm
  • Miracast screen sharing
  • Smart Share via DLNA
  • LG Connect (LG TV Plus app)
  • Dial
  • Beacon
  • Mobile Connection Overlay
  • First Use Wizard
  • Wake on RF, LAN
  • SNMP
  • SI compatible (MPI, RS-232C
  • Simplink HDMI-CEC & CEC-HTNG (1.4)
  • Installer Menu
  • Welcome Screen (boot logo)
  • Insert Image
  • One Channel Map (LCM)
  • Instant On
  • V-Lan Tag
  • RJP (Remote Jack Pack) compatibility via HDMI with CEC
  • Auto Off & Sleep Timer
  • Embedded b-LAN
  • TV Link configuration
  • MPI port
  • Swivel stand with lock-down plate
  • UL & FCC certified
  • Optional Chromecast anti-theft cover available

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