LG 75" 75TC3D-B Touchscreen Interactive Digital Board


The 75" Touchscreen Interactive Digital Board from LG allows you to draw, write, and capture notes, as well as connect, display, and control various devices. The board features a 3840 x 2160 (UHD) screen resolution, and capacitive touchscreen functionality. It facilitates a successful meeting by driving participants to freely submit their ideas on the screen using the intuitive touch and writing tools.

The screen recognizes even the smallest touch points accurately and instantly shows the response to the touch point. This kind of accuracy and granularity means that you can use IDB both as a realistic handwriting tool and for detailed complex content such as drawings. It allows multi-touch 40 points so that multiple participants can simultaneously use touch features.

The LG webOS 3.0+ smart platform is powered by high-performance SoC and can execute several tasks at the same time without the need for a separate media player or PC. When combined with the IDB app, the LG IDB offers both interactive collaboration as well as an intuitive writing application, meaning additional licenses for IDB solution are not required.

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