LG 43UL3G-B 43 Class 4K UHD Conference Room & Digital Signage IPS LED Display


Advertise your business or conduct efficient meetings with the LG UL3G 43 Class 4K UHD Conference Room & Digital Signage IPS LED Display. It features native 4K UHD resolution for playback of compatible media in enhanced detail, and its maximum brightness level of 300 cd/m² and 1200:1 contrast ratio help improve visibility in high-brightness environments, such as a storefront window or a bright office setting.

The onboard webOS 4.1 operating system allows for smart functionality for an intuitive user experience. The UL3G is compatible with third-party control systems, such as Crestron Connected, as well as Cisco conferencing systems. A suite of LG SuperSign software helps you get the display running quickly and easily.

4K UHD Resolution

With resolution that is 4 times higher than Full HD, Ultra HD makes the color and details of the content more vivid and realistic. In addition, the wide viewing angle enabled by the LG IPS Panel provides clear content with no distortion.

High Efficiency Video Coding

The UL3G series supports HEVC, which efficiently compresses / decompresses high-capacity UHD content, playing ultra-high-quality videos with half the network traffic of the existing H.264 codec.

High-Performance SoC with webOS

The UL3G's built-in System on Chip (SoC) can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without the need for a media player. Also, the LG webOS smart signage platform has a convenient user interface and simple app development tools.

Various Sensor Applications

The LG webOS smart signage platform easily supports connections with external sensors via USB plug-in. No additional software or media players are needed.

Content Sharing

Content Mirroring among compatible devices is available via your Wi-Fi network.

Real-Time Promotion

With Beacon and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), shop managers can provide coupons and information in real time.

Wireless Solution

The UL3G series operates as a virtual router, which can be a wireless access point for mobile devices.

Compatibility with A/V Control Systems

The UL3G series has been certified Crestron Connected for high compatibility with professional A/V controls to achieve seamless integration and network-based control, boosting business management efficiency.

Compatibility with Conferencing Systems

The UL3G is compatible with Cisco conferencing systems that offer powerful HDMI-based control for a smarter video conference experience that avoids wasted time setting up the picture or input settings

Remote Monitoring and Control

Through the Control Manager, the embedded web monitoring solution, you can control and monitor the status of multiple UL3G series displays in different locations in real-time. It is available on internet-connected devices, allowing you to flexibly and rapidly respond to emergency situations anywhere.

Real-Time Care Service with Optional LG Signage365Care

Maintenance gets easier and faster with Signage365Care, an optional cloud service solution provided by LG. It remotely manages status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, ensuring the stable operation of a client's business.

Additional Features

  • Up to 30,000-hour lifetime
  • HDCP 2.2 & 1.4 compliant
  • Temperature & Auto Brightness sensors
  • Local Key Operation (power on/off only)
  • Embedded CMS: Local Contents Scheduling & Group Manager
  • USB Plug & Play
  • Fail over
  • Booting logo & no signal image
  • RS-232C & local network sync
  • Screen Share
  • Video Tag (up to four, with maximum one HDMI input)
  • Play via URL
  • Screen Rotation & External Input Rotation
  • Gapless Playback
  • Setting Data Cloning
  • SNMP
  • ISM Method
  • Auto Set ID
  • Status Mailing
  • Control Manager
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • PM Mode
  • Wake on LAN
  • SI Server Setting
  • webRTC
  • Pro:Idiom
  • 273 BTU/hr typical; 393 BTU/hr max
  • Compatible with SuperSign CMS, SuperSign Control/Control+, SuperSign WB, and SuperSign Media Editor software
  • FCC (EMC) Class-A certification
  • ErP (Environmental) certification

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