LG 32LT340CBUB 32" Class HDR HD Commercial LED TV


With a built-in TV tuner, the LG LT340C 32" Class HDR HD Commercial LED TV supports a variety of content to suit hospitality and other commercial needs. In addition to accepting TV broadcast signals, this display features a component video and two HDMI inputs. The component video input can alternately act as a composite video input for legacy source devices. The LT340C also features two built-in 5W speakers and USB plug-and-play support, providing diverse options for displaying your content.

Real Time Remote Monitoring

When an error occurs, a notification can be sent through the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) in real time.

Power & Network in One Line with WoL (Wake on LAN)

WoL allows you to send a message through your network to turn on displays, simplifying the installation and maintenance processes by only requiring a single wire for power and network connection.

Crestron Connected Certified

The LT340 has earned Crestron Connected Certification, allowing for virtually seamless integration and automated control.

DPM (Display Power Management)

You can configure the DPM by setting the function to the "on" setting. When there is no signal, the TV enters DPM mode to manage power efficiently.

USB Data Cloning

You can copy the settings to all your LT340 TVs using an optional USB memory device.

Time Scheduler

Create a schedule for the TV's operation. Once you set opening/closing hours and holidays, the TV will turn on and off according to the schedule.

Speaker Output

Enhance the entertainment experience by adding an additional speaker. Guests can listen to and control the TV's audio from anywhere in the business areas, including restrooms.

Additional Features

  • EzManager (Simplicity)
  • PDM
  • Insert Image
  • Lock Mode
  • Compatible with LG, Teleadapt (via RS232C), and Guestlink (HDMI CEC) Remote Jack Packs
  • Welcome Screen (splash image)
  • Welcome Video
  • USB diagnostics
  • HTNG-CEC (1.4)
  • Multi-IR Code
  • RS232C and HDMI SI compatible (TVLink Interactive)
  • Simplink HDMI CEC (1.4)
  • Auto, off, and sleep timers
  • Motion Eye Care
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • NTP Sync Timer
  • SuperSign SW compatible (control)
  • USB Auto Playback (+ Playlist)

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