The Just Add Power 3G+AVPro receiver distributes UltraHD and 4K video over a single Cat5e cable. Built-in scaler. Watch any source at any resolution. Enhanced image play - image push, image pull and new image pop. Rotate and flip video with expanded video wall. Build a future-proof 4K infrastructure. Just Add Power UltraHD over IP integrates seamlessly with 1080p infrastructure - keep the switch, cabling and driver. Add 4K to current 1080p systems or build a new 4K system.

Product Highlights:

  • 2160P Ultra HD resolutions and HDMI 2.0 devices with HDCP 2.2 supported
  • Instant Seamless switching between any resolution HDMI source
  • 23 ms ultra low latency.
  • Built-in 4K scaler on RX- can downscale from 2160p to 1080p and upscale 1080p to 2160p.
  • Can engage a stereo analog audio output with full variable control from the HDMI audio stream
  • Enhanced Video Wall functionality- support for portrait and flipped displays, no more tears
  • Image Pop™ :overlay a full color image/logo on top of the HDMI signal with alpha channel. 
    Weight 1.0 lbs

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