Juniper Networks QFX5110-32Q-AFI 32 QSFP+/20 QSFP+ QSFP28 Back to Front AC


The ports on the QFX5110-32Q support 40-Gbps or 100-Gbps speeds natively. Of the 28 QSFP+ ports, 0 through 19also support 10-Gbps speeds when the ports are configured as Flexi-pic and channelized using QSFP+ to SFP+ DAC breakout (DACBO) cables. Although all network ports can be configured as either uplink or as access ports, best practice is to configure the four QSFP28 ports (28 through 31) as uplinks to take advantage of the 100-Gbps speeds. The port panel also provides PTP connections to a grandmaster clock. There are also 10-MHz pulses-per-second (PPS) SubMiniature B (SMB) input and output connections to measure the timing drift to and from the grandmaster clock.

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