JBL Control 128WT 8" 2-Way 120W In-Wall 70V/100V Speakers (Pair, White)


Sold as a pair, the white JBL Control 128WT is a passive 8" in-wall installation speaker with a multi-tap transformer designed for voice amplification and foreground music reproduction in a variety of venues ranging from boardrooms to bistros. When driven by 70V/100V power amplifiers (available separately), these 2-way speakers provide a program power capacity of 120W (240W peak). Each Control 128WT is equipped with a durable 8" aluminum-cone woofer and an aimable 1" titanium-dome tweeter, yielding an extended frequency range of 30 Hz to 20 kHz.

The built-in EOS waveguide minimizes distortion and harshness while the high-slope crossover network ensures natural midrange tonality and proper frequency distribution to the speaker components. A screw-down Euroblock input, cutout template, and paint shield contribute to easy installation.

In-wall installation speaker with paintable baffles and grille

Includes cutout template and paint shield for ease of installation

Multi-tap transformer enables use with 70V/100V constant-voltage systems

Foreground music solution with discreet, minimized visual impact for boardroom, reception areas, restaurants, airports, and retail applications

120W continuous program (240W peak) power handling performance

Durable 8" polymer-coated, aluminum-cone woofer with low-frequency reproduction to 30 Hz

1" titanium-dome tweeter on low-diffraction swivel mount with built-in proprietary EOS (Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal) waveguide for low distortion and smooth high-frequency reproduction to 20 kHz

Aimable tweeter with -10° positioning adjustment

12 dB/octave crossover network with high- and low-pass filtering

Fits in wall space of conventional stud-wall construction

Optional custom rough-in frame for new construction installations

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