IN STOCK! Vigitron Vi3005 MaxiiNet 5-Port PoE Powered PoE Switch

  • 5-port PoE and local powered layer 2 network switch
  • Can be powered from a remote PoE source to provide PoE power to all 4 ports
  • Up to 37W PoE per port, capable of combing each 2-ports for up to 74W
  • Provides MSA compliant SFP fiber output port for integration to existing fiber infrastructures and extreme long distance up to 80Km
  • Intelligent power sensing automatically allocates port power based on the number of connect ports and individual camera power requirements
  • Automatic PoE port priority allocation
  • Over current shut down protection if allocated PoE budget is exceeded
  • Certified (MPC™) high data rate for virtual loss free transmission of cameras
  • Type tested to RFC 2544 TCP/IP network bandwidth packet transmission standards
  • Type tested for -30°C to +75°C operating temperature range
  • Complies with major IEEE standards and RFC network protocols for UTP, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Provides full Layer 2 network switch functionality

Vigitron’s MaxiiNet™ Vi3005 fixed managed five port PoE switch brings new performance standards to the growing need for high speed transmission of high speed Ethernet. It eliminates the need for local power for the Vi3005 and cameras connected to its 4 ports.

The Vi3005 can be powered by PoE sources up to 74W or locally by the Vi1120 to supply 802.3at to each port, providing up to 37W (more than 802.3at) to each port or up to 74W for two combined ports. The Vi3005 can operate over UTP at standard distances up to 100m and fiber uplink by using its built-in MSA SFP compliant port to provide transmission distances up to 80Km.

With an operating temperature range of -30°C to 75°C, the Vi3005 is the perfect solution for data and power transmission for warehouses, parking lots, campuses, casinos, and many more. The Vi3005 is MegaPixel Certified (MPC™), type tested to network packet performance standards, and major manufacturer compatibility tested to assure you error free, quality operations. Fixed managed L2 functions include 802.1p Qos, support of 2k MAC addressing, learning, aging, and a non-blocking switch fabric.

Installation cost savings, proven performance, and major camera manufacturer compatibility all go into making Vigitron’s MaxiiNet™ Vi3005 an ideal solution for standard distance data and power transmission.



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