IN STOCK! Stinger SS1200XS 4-Gauge Mini-ANL Amp Installation Kit


Getting ready to do a car amplifier installation? Forget piecing all the elements yourself. Use this Stinger 4 Gauge Mini ANL Amp Installation Kit! It features full copper construction for excellent current transfer to power hungry amplifiers and quality twisted pair interconnects for noise free signal transfer. It also includes ultra flexible speaker wire, remote turn-on, water resistant high current fuse holder and terminals for a complete installation package. This kit has all the necessary parts for installing your next 2 channel amplifier in a single package. Easy!

  • 17 ft. translucent blue power wire
  • 3 ft. translucent silver ground wire
  • 17 ft. translucent twisted-pair RCA interconnects
  • 3 ft. black flex loom
  • 16 ft. blue remote turn-on wire
  • 20 ft. translucent speaker wire
  • 1 mini-ANL fuse holder and fuse

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