IN STOCK! JBL CBT1000 Two-Way Line Array Column Loudspeaker with Constant Beamwidth Technology (Black)


The black CBT1000 Two-Way Line Array Column Loudspeaker from JBL combines Constant Beamwidth Technology with adjustable vertical coverage and a tapered horizontal waveguide to increase the versatility of aiming the coverage of the loudspeaker to more accurately map to the room geometry in a wide variety of listening spaces. Utilizing complex analog beamforming, the speaker provides consistent vertical coverage without the narrow vertical beaming and out-of-coverage lobing.

The low-frequency drivers feature lightweight neodymium motors with 2" diameter voice coils. The structure is magnetically shielded and the drivers have a copper cap on the pole to minimize flux modulation and linearize inductance, resulting in lower distortion and improved frequency response. The 0.63" long coil provides high linear drive and high power handling in a compact driver. The LF drivers feature damped blended textile surrounds and coated sealed paper cones found in high-performance, large-format drivers. The high-frequency drivers include neodymium structure for maximum sensitivity, and feature high power handling, long excursion and large back enclosures for additional frequency range and output. The tweeter is encased for weather resistance. Both drivers feature coated diaphragm materials to provide moisture, UV, and salt resistance for outdoor capability.

The asymmetrical coverage settings produce a higher concentration of sound with a tighter pattern from the upper half of the array, and a lower concentration of sound with a broader vertical pattern from the lower half of the array. This sends more sound toward the far area of the room than to the near area of the room, resulting in more even front-to-back SPL levels. Additionally, the vertical coverage pattern is individually installer-adjustable, though a range of four pattern-up coverage angles and four pattern-down coverage angles for a total of sixteen different coverage combinations, all without the use of any external DSP processing.

The tapered horizontal waveguide design provides a continuously varying horizontal dispersion by providing a wide angle of dispersion for the short-throw distances and a narrower horizontal angle of dispersion for the long-throw distances, providing superior coverage in both the front and rear corners of a room. The consistent pattern control allows the CBT 1000 loudspeaker to work well in difficult acoustic environments. The two-way coaxial design provides a wide 45 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth. The low-diffraction baffle eliminates frequency response irregularities that could otherwise occur due to baffle discontinuities. The thick, heavy-duty aluminum grille allows for rust-free installation outdoors.

Equipped with twenty-four 1" high-power, soft dome tweeters and six coaxially arranged 6.5" high-excursion LF drivers
Constant Beamwidth Technology provides constant directivity coverage and reduces out of coverage lobing
Vertical pattern coverage individually adjustable with four pattern-up coverage angles and four pattern-down coverage angles for a total of sixteen different coverage combinations, all without the use of external DSP processing
Vertical pattern coverage settings are set via easy-to-configure headers located in a covered compartment on the side of the speaker
Asymmetrical vertical settings send more sound toward far area of room to make front-to-back sound levels more consistent
Tapered horizontal waveguide provides a continuously varying horizontal dispersion (very wide for short-throw, narrower for long-throw) delivering superior coverage in both the front and rear corners of a room and reducing over-splash
Dynamic SonicGuard protection on the high-frequency section minimizes distortion at high drive levels and maximizes sound clarity, while protecting the drivers from damage due to occasional overpowering
Sound levels up to 131 dB (137 dB peaks), depending on the settings
Wide 45 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
Switchable voicing provides flat response in music mode or midrange presence peak in speech mode
Two-part swivel (pan)/tilt wall-mount bracket is included
Fourteen M8 brass inserts are located on the back panel in a spacing pattern that fits common third-party mounting brackets
Four insert points (located on the top and bottom end-caps) can be utilized to suspend the speaker, using forged shoulder steel eyebolts or swivel mounting rings, providing installation versatility
Fiberglass reinforced ABS cabinet with UV-resistant paint and powder coated 1050 aluminum grille
Suitable for applications such as performance auditoriums, houses of worship, lecture halls, classrooms, cinema main speakers or very-high output surrounds, multipurpose spaces, A/V, transit centers, sports facilities, racetracks, theme parks, outdoor locations, and more
UPC: 691991005688

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