Honeywell SK-FIRE-CO-W Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector


General Description SK-FIRE-CO-W is a plug-in, addressable device that provides both fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detection. The detector combines four separate sensing elements to sense multiple components of a fire: smoke, CO, light/flame, and heat. This approach enables enhanced sensitivity to real fire with heightened immunity to nuisance particulates. For CO, the detector’s electrochemical sensing cell creates a separate signal for life safety CO detection. Multiple sensors and communication can greatly reduce nuisance alarms compared to single sensing methods. Sophisticated algorithms maximize the advantages of all four sensor types creating our best detection strategy offering heightened immunity to nuisance particulate and enhanced sensitivity to real fire. • Photoelectric sensors detect airborne particles associated with smoke. • Thermal sensors detect heat and rate-of-rise (135°F fixed temperature threshold). • Infrared sensors discern light patterns in the environment as an additional data point for alarm determination. This ability to reject certain nuisance alarm triggers, such as theater smoke, supports the use of the fire/CO detector in applications where moderate to heavy nuisance conditions exist that might cause single sensing detectors to false alarm. UL models meet UL 268 7th edition and UL 521 listing requirements for fire detection and UL 2075 standard for system-connected life safety carbon monoxide detection. Released through the incomplete burning of various fuels, CO is a colorless, odorless and deadly gas that is virtually impossible to detect with the human senses. Because the potential exists for dangerous levels of CO to accumulate in almost any building, legislation mandating the use of CO detection in commercial spaces continues to grow. B200S series intelligent sounder bases are recommended for use with SK-FIRE-CO-W. These bases can generate either a Temp 3 pattern for fire or a Temp 4 pattern for CO alarm indication. The B200S series bases recognize the System Sensor synchronization protocol for use as a component of the general evacuation signal — along with other System Sensor Audible/Visible devices — when connected to a power supply or Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) output capable of generating the System Sensor synchronization pulses.

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