Honeywell RK-ZONE8 Zone Expander With Single or Dual Audio Channel Mode, Built-In 8 Loudspeaker Line Selector, 8 Dry Contact Inputs/Outputs


The RK-ZONE8 Zone Expander, integrates 8 additional speaker lines while achieving a broader reach in new and retrofit applications.


  • Supports single and dual audio channels
  • Maximum 8 zones can be connected, each zone has two speaker zones (A and B), of which maximum power rate is 500W
  • 8 dry contact inputs with supervision
  • 8 dry contact outputs
  • 4 external power amplifiers and 1 spare power amplifier can be connected
  • Flexible amplifier redundancy function
  • Full supervision, including main power supply, backup power supply, CPU fault, power amplifier, speaker lines, dry contact inputs and network fault, etc.
  • Speaker line supervision in both broadcasting and non-broadcasting mode
  • The volume of the signal to amplifiers can be set via RK-MCU
  • Supports 3-wire and 4-wire volume controller
  • Supports standalone mode and networking mode
  • 1 line input interface, which can be connected to external device when device is in standalone mode or the CPU of RK-MCU fails
  • DC power output interface, through which to supply power for external modules, such as volume controller
  • Maximum 15 RK-ZONE8 can be used

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