Honeywell RK-ZONE24 Zone Expander With Single Audio Channel Mode, Built-In 8 Loudspeaker Line Selector, 8 Dry Contact Inputs/Outputs

The RK-ZONE24 is a zone expansion device controlled by the Master Correct Unit, which adds 24 speaker zones and 24 contact inputs to the INTEVIO system. The RK-ZONE24 can connect with up to 6 external power amplifiers and 1 backup amplifier. The RK-ZONE24 supports only single channel mode
Main Features
  • Expands up to 24 zones for the INTEVIO system.
  • Flexible amplifier backup mode: 1 backup amplifier can be used to back up all amplifiers on the system.
  • 500 W output capacityfor each zone.
  • Supports one-for-all amplifier backup.
  • Automatic fault diagnosis.
  • Can be used in standalone mode or if the controller CPU fails.
  • Supports up to 24 speaker zones.
  • Single line input and 24 contact inputs.
  • 24 dry contact inputs without supervision.
  • Independent volume control for each audio channel.

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