Honeywell RK-MIC Remote Call Station, 8 Preset Buttons And 8 Config

  • RK-MIC is used to perform various broadcasts and live announcement in zones. This unit has programmable buttons, users may easily conduct operations, such as paging, BGM broadcast, business broadcast, voice alarm, volume control, recording, monitoring, etc. If necessary, extension key modules can be connected to RK-MIC for more buttons.


    • Supports gooseneck or PTT microphone for live broadcast
    • Built-in loudspeaker to monitor CH1/CH2 audio
    • Temporary recording function
    • Line input interface to connect to external BGM audio source
    • The volume of microphone, line input and loudspeaker can be set via the
    • Volume regulators at the rear panel
    • 8 programmable buttons, be able to be configured by software
    • Supports extension key modules as required
    • Automatical supervision of microphone and communication
    • The distance between RK-MCU and RK-MIC can be up to 600 meters via twisted-pair cable using an additional power supply
    • Call station can be powered by RKMCU (max. 400m distance)
    • Maximum 6 remote call stations can be connected to the system

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