Honeywell RK-MCU Master Control Unit, Built-In 8 Loudspeaker Line Selector, 500W High Efficiency Class-D Power Amplifier

The RK-MCU controller is the core unit of the INTEVIO PA system, providing audio storage, signal processing, routing, control, and supervision functions for the whole system. With a built-in 500 W Class-D amplifier, the single controller can operate as an 8-zone PA system. If more power and speaker zones are needed, it can be expanded by using the RK-AMP 500 external power amplifier and RK-ZONE8/RK-ZONE24 zone expanders.
Main Features
  • Integrated public address system controller with built-in 500 W amplifier.
  • Maximum 8 loudspeaker zones can be connected with a maximum power rating of 500 W for each speaker line.
  • 10 dry contact inputs with supervision and 8 dry contact outputs.
  • Numerous user-friendly features to increase operational efficiency:plug and play, record and play, interaction between LCD an buttons, etc.
  • Built-in 500 W Class-D power amplifier.
  • Supports external power amplifiers.
  • Equipment cost savings by implanting recorder, timer, audio monitor, and one-for-all backup amplifier solutions.
  • Supports both single and dual channel mode
  • 2 auxiliary inputs and 1 MIC/LINE input.
  • Capable of integration with third-party systems, such as fire alarm systems, through the dry contact.

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