Honeywell RK-AMP500 High Efficiency Digital Power Amplifier, 500W Rate Output Power, 100V/70V output


The Honeywell INTEVIO Public Address (PA) system is the ideal solution for single buildings. Its integrated design provides better stability and cost savings, along with an enhanced user experience for improved performance.

The RK-AMP500 high-efficiency amplifier provides audio signal amplification for the INTEVIO PA system. It is reliable, efficient, and lightweight.

The RK-AMP500 supports balanced/unbalanced audio inputs and 70 V speaker outputs. A contact output is provided to transmit the fault status to a third-party system when a fault is detected. The RK-AMP500 receives the audio and control signals via the RJ45 port on the RK-MCU controller or RK-ZONE8/RK-ZONE24 zone expanders, and sends back the fault status.

Automatic fault detection and self-protection
The system can self-protect from overheat, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, and short circuit. It can detect power supply errors during operation and a built-in fuse provides overcurrent protection to the main power supply. When a short circuit is detected on the main power circuit, the power is automatically shut down and backup power is enabled to replace the main power supply.

Main Features
  • 500 W high-efficiency Class-D amplifier. Maximum 500 W rated output power.
  • Supports 70V audio outputs.
  • 70V output support for increased flexibility.
  • Supports balanced or unbalanced audio inputs.
  • Automatic fault detection, self-protection, and forced air cooling fan for enhanced reliability.
  • Forced air cooling.
  • Class-D technology with high efficiency and low power consumption.
  • Automatically limits the output voltage.
  • Maximum 500 W rated output power.
  • Supports automatic protection and fault detection.

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