Honeywell Silent Knight SK-PTIR-W Multi-Criteria Photo/Thermal/Infrared Detector


The SK-PTIR-W is an intelligent, multi-criteria detector that combines photoelectric, thermal, and infrared (PTIR) sensors in one unit to sense multiple components of a fire. This multi-sensor approach on the SK-PTIR-W (replaces the SK-ACCLIMATE) enables enhanced sensitivity to real fire with heightened immunity to nuisance particulates. Multiple sensors and communication can greatly reduce nuisance alarms compared to single sensing methods. Sophisticated algorithms maximize the advantages of all four sensor types creating our best detection strategy offering heightened immunity to nuisance particulate and enhanced sensitivity to real fire. • Photoelectric sensor detects airborne particles associated with smoke. • Thermal sensor detects heat and rate-of-rise (135°F fixed temperature threshold). • Infrared sensors discern light patterns in the environment as an additional data point for alarm determination. This ability to reject certain nuisance alarm triggers, such as theater smoke, supports the use of the detector in applications where moderate to heavy nuisance conditions exist that might cause single sensing detectors to trigger a false alarm. The PTIR detector meets both UL 268 7th edition and UL 521 listing requirements and can indicate distinct smoke and heat alarms. This dual nature supports a local alarm setting for photoelectric detection and a general evacuation setting based on thermal detection. This can minimize work interruptions in multi-level buildings.


PHYSICAL/OPERATING Dimensions: • Height: 2.0 inches (51 mm) installed in B300-6 base • Diameter: 6.2 inches (156 mm) installed in B300-6 base; 4.1 inches (104 mm) installed in B501-WHITE/-IV/-BL base • Weight: 3.4 oz. (95 g) Operating Humidity Range: 15% - 90% Relative Humidity, Non-condensing Operating Temperature Range: 32°F - 100°F (0°C - 38°C) Air Velocity: 0 - 300 ft/min. (0 - 91.4 m/min.) ELECTRICAL Operating Voltage Range: 15 to 32 VDC Operating Current @ 24 VDC: 200 uA (one communication every 5 seconds with green LED blink on communication) Maximum Alarm Current: 2 mA @ 24 VDC (one communication every 5 seconds with red LED solid on) Maximum Current: 4.5 mA @ 24 VDC (one communication every 5 seconds with amber LED solid on) Isolator Load Rating: 0.0063 STANDARDS The devices in this datasheet meet the standards of UL 268 7th Edition. AGENCY LISTINGS AND APPROVALS The listings and approvals below apply to the SK-PTIR-W. In some cases, certain modules may not be listed by certain approval agencies, or listing may be in process. Consult the factory for the latest listing status. • UL: S6173 • FM Approved • CSFM: 7272-0559:0517

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