Honeywell Power HP600ULACM8 6.0A, 12/24VDC, 8.0A OUT UL Listed Power Supply


Product Overview

The HP600ULACM8 is a 12VDC or 24VDC power supply with HPACM4 or HPACM8 access power controllers to be used with Card Access Systems. They provide 12/24VDC through 4 or 8 independently controlled power-limited PTC protected outputs. They accept inputs from open collector sink or Normally Open (NO) dry contacts from UL listed security devices such as keypads, card readers, access control systems, PIR's and Push Button Delays. Outputs from the HPACM4 and HPACM8 can switch power on or off at 12 or 24VAC/DC. Each output can be configured to respond to FACP input. The outputs can also be individually selected as isolated dry contacts (Form "C" configuration).

The HPACM4 and HPACM8 can be configured for common power, which means the same supply drives both output
power and control board power or alternatively, dual power input, which separates control board and output power. These units have not been evaluated for elevator equipment and are not authorized for bell output in Mercantile applications.

General Information
Name: Honeywell Power HP600ULACM8 6.0A, 12/24VDC, 8.0A OUT UL Listed Power Supply, Honeywell International, Inc, Honeywell Power
Category: Honeywell Power, Access Control, Power Products, Power Supplies
UPC Code: 783008107451
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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