Honeywell L-PWP60A Indoor/Outdoor Speaker - 60 W RMS

The L-PWP60A is a versatile, 60 W cabinet loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor applications. It is ideal for use in bars and restaurants, grocery stores, meeting rooms, office buildings, exhibition halls, gyms, and presentation rooms. The cabinet is available in white or charcoal.

Equipped with high-linearity, anti-fatigue rubber, the bass audio performance is distortion-free due to prolonged low-frequency operation. The treble circuit unit adopts dome Cortina design, extending the treble range of frequency response and enhancing the high-quality acoustic performance.

The traditional screw type terminal makes it easy to connect, and the 5-step volume can be controlled by a knob console on the back of the box. The adjustable installation brackets flexibly position the loudspeaker to meet the needs of different indoor sound field characteristics. The L-PWP60A is both UL60065 and RoHS compliant.

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