Honeywell L-PCP20A 5.5 Inches Ceiling Loudspeaker, White, Metal

The L-PCP20A is a powerful ceiling-mounted loudspeaker. The full-range device features a strong ABS enclosure finished in white - an elegant and low-profile color. It is designed specifically for environments that require excellent speech and acoustic performance, such as shops, offices, sports fields, hotels, and restaurants.

The coaxial design enhances the loudspeaker's wider frequency response range, and therefore its acoustic performance. The rubber bass gasket cone guarantees good linearity when the unit is in large, dynamic range of low frequency.

The treble effect utilizes a thin Mylar material that extends the frequency up to 20 kHz, and the clamp-on terminal provides ease of wore connection. The loudspeaker is both UL60065 and RoHS compliant.
Main Features
  • Coaxial design provides wider frequency range
  • Adjustable 70V input
  • Easy connection and installation
  • Sturdy ABS grille for reliable electrical insulation
  • Longer operating life
  • UL60065 and RoHS compliant

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