Honeywell HRCF-FD384H Temperature Detecter 7.8mm


The Modum is a highly accurate body temperature detection solution that offers a high level of temperature accuracy. When deployed with the Blackbody device in its field of view (supplied), the Modum Camera is accurate to within 0.54°F/0.3°C making it perfect for abnormal body temperature detection requirements.

The Modum kits are designed to be deployed as standalone systems (or as part of a networked system) allowing a portable and rapid deployment. The Fixed Modum twins a highly accurate thermal camera with a 1080p daylight camera allowing for the quick identification and recording of the source of the trigger. This makes it perfect to integrate alongside a Face Detection or Facial Recognition capabilities.

The Modum kits are the perfect solution to measure body temperature to control and secure entrance to airports, schools and universities, government public offices, shops, restaurants, museums, avoiding persons with high temperature to potentially contaminate other people in case of viruses presence.

  • Heat measurement up to 16.4ft/5m away
  • High accuracy (0.54°F/0.3°C)
  • High 640x512 and low 384x288 resolution options
  • Secondary HD visible camera
  • IP65 (optional)
  • SDK support
  • Complete kits available with Blackbody device for rapid deployment
  • Paired blackbody for temperature reference
  • Can be used as part of NDAA Section 889 compliant systems

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