Honeywell Genesis 50015508 Series 20 AWG RG59/U Shielded CCTV Coaxial Cable (Black, 500')


The 500’ long black Genesis Series 20 AWG RG59/U Shielded CCTV Coaxial Cable from Honeywell is designed for general purpose CCTV wiring applications.
The cable features a WaveFLEX jacketing, making it easy to strip the cable. WaveFLEX also improves performance and reduces the likelihood of kinks and tearing braids or shielding. Incredibly flexible, the ridged jacketing makes termination a snap and is engineered to withstand the rigors of the challenging installations while maintaining full UL specifications.

Conductor Material

Solid bare copper
Good signal strength for low-frequency applications such as CCTV
Recommended for satellite dishes to power LNB (Low Noise Blocks)


Braid shield
95% bare copper standard or 95% copper clad aluminum for shorter economical runs
Protects signal transmission from low-frequency interference
Suitable for CCTV or other low-frequency applications

Additional Features

Flexible WaveFLEX jacket for easy terminations
Countdown or sequential footage markings
Camera and room / zone markings on legend
Color-coded box with labeling system
UL Standards 13, & 444; NEC Articles 725 & 800
Flame Ratings: UL 1685 Vertical Tray

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