Grandstream HT814 4 FXS Port NAT Router ATA


Grandstream HT814 is a simple solution for bringing your legacy analog telephones and fax machines into your VoIP network. With 4 color-coded FXS ports with LED status indicators, the HT814 always lets you know what's happening with your phones. It includes dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, so your communications will be fast. The integrated Gigabit NAT router means transmissions occur at lightning speed.

Grandstream HT814 supports 4 SIP profiles and 3-way conferencing per port. The HT814 won't harm your audio quality because it comes with a broad range of audio codec support including wideband, HD audio. And the HT814 is secure, with a unique security certificate per unit, and TLS and SRTP encryption protecting calls and accounts.

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