Grandstream HT813 1 FXO / 1 FXS Port Hybrid Analog Telephone Adapter


Grandstream HT813 is a hybrid analog telephone adapter. HT813 acts as a standard ATA by connecting an analog phone or fax machine to your IP network. Because HT813 both FXS and FXO connectivity, it can also act as a back-up telephony lifeline. It connects to the PSTN, supporting remote calling to and from the PSTN.

HT813 offers the incredible features that have made the Grandstream HandyTone ATAs and IP gateways so popular. It supports the T.38 Fax Over IP standard, bringing your fax machine into your IP network. AES encryption provide enterprise-class security. HT813 even gives you 3-way voice conferencing per port. It's easy to deploy with multiple auto provisioning options.

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