Grandstream GXW4248 48 FXS Port Gateway


The GXW4248 offers VoIP connectivity for 48 analog station devices thanks two RJ-21 50-pin Telco connectors (the last pair of pin 25 and 50 is not connected). The Grandstream GXW4248 VoIP gateway enables small and medium-sized businesses to easily deploy a cost-effective telephone system that allows for the continued use of legacy equipment, but with the benefits of VoIP technology. Using VoIP can deliver better voice quality, more rich features, easier provisioning, more flexible dialing plans, higher security protection and strong performance, even when handling multiple voice calls.

By delivering a hybrid IP and analog phone system, organizations can simultaneously take advantage of VoIP while preserving their existing investment on analog phones, fax machines and PBX systems.

The GXW4248 is compatible and interoperable with leading IPPBXs, Soft switches and SIP platforms. The GXW4248 FXS gateway can be remotely configured, is manageable and scalable. It delivers fantastic voice quality as well as traditional telephony functionality.

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