Grandstream DP730 Wireless IP Handset


Grandstream DP730 is a long-range wireless IP handset for use in warehouses, retail stores, or offices. DP730 uses encrypted and authenticated DECT to communicate with a Grandstream DP752 or Grandstream DP750 IP Base Station, which uses SIP to connect to your VoIP phone system. The handset supports up to 10 lines. It has an outdoor wireless range of 400m (with DP752) and an indoor range of 50m. It gives you an incredible 40 hrs of talk time on a single charge.

Grandstream DP730 has a large, full color LCD display and 27 intuitive keys. You get HD audio from the hearing aid compatible handset and the full duplex speakerphone. You can configure the Push To Talk button for walkie-talkie style communications. It has a 3.5mm jack for use with a headset. Charge the handset using the included charging cradle or via a Micro USB cable.

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