Elenos 20 Watt, Stereo Indium Analog FM Transmitter


The ETG Digital transmitters series (low and medium power), ultra-compact FM transmitter with direct to channel digital exciter from Elenos, is a lightweight system housed in two or four rack units.


Combining efficiency, low-power consumption and reliability with high fidelity and extreme sound purity through the use of digital technology.

The line is the result of the company’s know-how gained through many years of experience.

The Elenos digital series of FM transmitters maximizes the concept of energy efficiency, compactness and reliability, factors that have guided Elenos in equipment design over the past decade.

The digital units are extremely small size and low weight, this allows easy installation and reduced transport costs. Extreme energy efficiency also permits users to benefit from remarkable operating cost savings.

Additionally, thanks to integrated technologies such as intelligent protection, ICEFET technology, ecosavings and Lifextender algorithms, and our own power supply design, the reliable digital transmitter even performs under extreme conditions.

High audio performance is ensured by advanced digital signal processing technology (e.g.: 2.4 GHz clock, 24-bit analog converter). Sound fidelity, purity and the total absence of microphonic noise are guaranteed over the entire band.

The extremely fast performance is particularly important in N+1 systems, allowing the transmitter to remain on air without interruption, even in the case of a system failure.

Through the use of trimmer electronics (presets), characteristics and performance of Elenos digital transmitter remain unchanged over time, even under different environmental conditions.

The system is equipped with audio MPX input (balanced and unbalanced), L&R (or mono) with stereo generator, AES/EBU (electrical and optical), SCA, RDS, and an option for an Ethernet input for IP audio streaming.

Each of these audio channels are independent and simultaneous with the infinite possibility of switching back and forth from one to another.

The digital series transmitter are also equipped with a USB port for storing audio program data in the event of a complete loss of the studio to transmitter live data link.

The Single Frequency Network (SFN) function allows for reception continuity, which is particularly important for applications that require extended coverage. This also includes a built in GPS receiver and antenna with the transmitter.

Equipped with remote control and management, the user can receive data and send instructions to the transmitter via several communication channels — SMS, GPRS, TCP/IP and SNMP.




Extremely low-power consumption and reduced operating costs.


Extraordinary performance through the use of powerful operating algorithms and inter-module communications within the transmitter. These software algorithms allow the transmitter to adapt to environmental conditions allowing peak RF operation and superior audio quality.


Two rack units in height, with a weight of less than 14 kilograms (30.8 lbs), unmatched power versus volume and power versus weight ratio.


Exceptional stability, repeatability, reliability and ease of maintenance through the use of planar technology within the entire RF section (RF modules, combiners, splitter and low-pass filter). This allows for the minimization of internal connections soldering and manual tuning, which increases the long term operation and performance of the equipment.


The remote control and management features allow users to receive data and send instructions to the transmitter via several state-of-the-art communication conduits – SMS, GPRS, TCP/IP and SNMP

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