Electro-Voice RE50L - Omnidirectional Dynamic Shockmounted ENG Microphone with Long Handle (Black)


Every day, for local, national and international news reports, the Electro-Voice RE50L with Long Handle gathers the audio for news interviews. Designed specifically as an ENG/EFP interview microphone, the RE50L's custom Dyna-Damp "mic-within-a-mic" shockmount provides extremely low handling noise for clear sound. A large, built-in Acoustifoam filter keeps wind and P-pop noise to an absolute minimum, indoors or out. Frequency response is 80 Hz to 13 kHz.

Measuring 9.5" in total length, this extended handle length version delivers all of the sonic performance of the RE50B, adding the virtues of a longer body length for ease-of-use, helping keep the reporter's hand out of the shot.

  • Industry standard news interview microphone
  • Features EV Dyna-Damp shockmount
  • Extremely low handling noise for clear sound
  • "Mic-within-a-mic" concept reduces wind and vocal plosive sounds

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