Electro-Voice F.01U.247.468 ZXA1SUB 12in Powered Compact Lightweight Subwoofer



12-inch powered subwoofer

Extending the ZXA1's size-defying performance and sleek styling into the low-end realm, the ZXA1-Sub packs 700-W of self-powered punch into a low-profile wood enclosure. Match ZXA1 with ZXA1-Sub and hear just how big a small rig can sound, whether you want to add a tight thump to a DJ set or give the highs and mids some breathing room in a live performance.


  • Integrated 700-W Class-D amplifier
  • EVS-12S 12-inch woofer
  • 126 dB maximum SPL
  • Dual XLR stereo inputs and outputs
  • Pole mount for full-range systems
  • 9-ply/15-mm wood enclosure, internally braced, with textured paint
  • 46 pounds, with integral handle for easy carrying
  • Frequency Range(1) (-10 dB):   44Hz - 118Hz
  • Coverage:   Omnidirectional
  • High Pass Frequency:   100 Hz, User Selectable
  • LF Transducer:   (1) EVS-12S, 305mm (12”) Woofer
  • Enclosure Material:   9-ply/15-mm wood
  • Connectors:   (2) XLR Stereo Input, (2) XLR Stereo Output
  • Amplifier Power Output:   700W
  • Power Requirement (230V):   120V: 90V - 132V, 1.0A (1/8 power) 50-60Hz
  • Power Requirement (230V):   230V: 190V-264V, 0.6A (1/8 power), 50-60Hz

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