DynaLock 2282 2280 Series Double SlimLine Electromagnetic Lock for Outswing Door, Oil Rubbed Bronze


Product Overview

The new DynaLock 2280 Series joins our popular 2268 Series as an upscale, low profile 1,200 lb. holding force maglock. The 2280 features a reduced length, low profile seamless housing, milled from a solid aluminum billet. The one-piece housing offers superior resistance to moisture intrusion. An adjustable mounting plate offers staggered mounting screw holes to enhance mounted stability. Ease of wiring and selection of options is facilitated by a replaceable built-in circuit board.

Incorporated in the overall design is a new high-impact plastic armature housing. The housing includes concealed rare-earth disc magnets at each end when the optional door status feature is ordered. This eliminates misorientaition of the housing, when mounted. The housing fully captures the armature, elinates this need for anti-spin pins. In addition, the housings incorporate foam pads to help of the armature engaging the lock face. Typical applications for the 2280 include commercial, industrial and institutional openings where maximum security and durability are required. With a low 2-1/16” profile, the 2280 to facilitate code compliance on designated egress doors.


  • Field Selectable Voltage - 12 or 24 VDC/VAC
  • Seamless, One Piece Housing - Provides superior moisture and tamper resistance.
  • Adjustable Baseplate reduces installation time and ensures proper alignment.
  • Armature Housing - Dampens noise and facilitates installation.
  • Low Profile - Provides maximum headroom clearance.
  • Enhanced Top Jamb Mount - Aesthetically pleasing full-length armature bracket, with locking ribs to prevent slippage, and a lock mounting bracket with concealed wire chase. •
  • Built-In Spike Suppression protects other solid-state components within the system from electrical damage.
  • Choice of Options - Door status, lock status, LED, and eight architectural finishes are available.
Main Features
  • An “Upscale” Low Profile Lock with One-Piece Housing
  • Quiet, Carefree Operation
  • Enhanced Time Saving Installation with Lifetime Warranty
General Information
Name: DynaLock 2282 2280 Series Double SlimLine Electromagnetic Lock for Outswing Door, Oil Rubbed Bronze, DynaLock Corporation, DynaLock
Category: DynaLock, Access Control, Locking Devices, Magnetic Locks
UPC Code: 999999411573
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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