Keyscan OCB8 Form-C Output Control Board


Product Overview

The OCB8 is a durable and reliable Form-C relay output board designed as a dry contact closure for Keyscan’s door and elevator floor controllers, and auxiliary equipment. The Keyscan OCB8 provides auxiliary service expansion such as additional doors or elevator floor stops. OCB8 can also trigger secondary responses such as sirens, alarms, strobe lights or increase access restriction parameters with the Keyscan EC1500, EC2500, CA4500, or CA8500 controllers. The OCB8 is time programmable and features a DIP switch bank for easy changes to state of relays.

Main Features
  • New DIP switch plug on board with independent reverse pole switches for relay control
  • Works with all current and previous ACU/ECUs
  • Add auxiliary outputs to Keyscan CA4500 and CA8500 door controllers to trigger response such as sirens, alarms, strobe lights or further restrict access
  • Time programmable (via software)
General Information
Name: Keyscan OCB8 Form-C Output Control Board, dormakaba Holding, Keyscan by dormakaba
Category: Keyscan by dormakaba, Access Control, Control Panels, Control Panel Modules
UPC Code: 800168050806
Country of Origin: Canada. Country of origin is subject to change.

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