Keyscan K-SECURE 4K Smart Card


Product Overview

High frequency credentials for use with K-SMART reader series

K-SECURE credential series feature proprietary Keyscan 36-bit format to offer unrivalled performance and reliability when coupled with K-SMART3, K-SMART, and K-SKPR readers for enhanced reader and credential encryption.

K-SECURE surpasses 125kHz proximity credential technology, which transmits card numbers in an unsecure "open" environment. Additionally equipped with anti-counterfeiting, anti-duplication technologies, and a unique AES multi-layer encryption, K-SECURE offers both higher security and return on investment for your Keyscan access control system.

Key Benefits

  • Uses unique and proprietary Keyscan technology
  • Completes a 3-pass authentication, encryption / decryptionunlock algorithm with K-SMART reader series before data is transmitted
  • Functions with K-SMART and K-SKPR readers as well asK-SMART3 in an active mobile credential environment
  • Available in 1K and 4K models and complies with internationalinteroperability (ISO14443) standards
  • Suitable for 3rd party applications (biometrics, logical networkaccess and cashless vending
Main Features
  • Uses internationally recognized contactless smartcard technology
  • K-SECURE 13.56MHz contactless smartcard credentials provide the highest level of credential anti-counterfeiting protection
  • 36-bit format for even more security over industry 26-bit 125kHz credentials which further expose the end-user to potential card duplication and easily ordered duplicate card and batch numbers
General Information
Name: Keyscan K-SECURE 4K Smart Card, dormakaba Holding, Keyscan by dormakaba
Category: Keyscan by dormakaba, Access Control, Credentials, Smart Cards
UPC Code: 800168003604
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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