DoorBird A1101 IP Video Indoor Surface Mounted Station


The DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station is an ideal addition to any DoorBird system. When paired with our DoorBird IP Video Door Intercom, the Indoor Station delivers a live video stream, two-way audio communication as well as control of doors and gates. The Indoor Station is compact and designed to complement any environment. The DoorBird Indoor Station has a touch display
made of scratch-resistant tempered glass with intuitive user interface. It also includes configurable
hard buttons with clear symbols for common functions.

This makes the operation
• intuitive and comfortable
• easy-to-use for every age group
• even with gloves on possible

Individual chime alerts can be selected for multiple DoorBird Door Intercoms to indicate from which
entry the visitor is calling. When the DoorBird Door Intercom is rung, an LED light at the bottom of the Indoor Station flashes a visual alert. The color of the LED light can be customized for multiple DoorBird Door Intercoms.

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