Digium 1TELD065LF D65 6-Line Bluetooth Gigabit IP Phone w/o power supply


Interested in a modern VoIP phone with Bluetooth support and Gigabit Ethernet speed? The Digium D65 is a mid-level 6-line IP phone that offers native integration with the popular Asterisk and Switchvox platforms. The newly redesigned handset improves the wideband sound quality, and Bluetooth support lets you hold hands-free conversations. The full-duplex speakerphone with echo cancellation does, too. For wired headsets, it includes EHS and RJ9 ports.

Digium D65 has a beautiful 4.3" backlit color LCD display with six colored line keys and 4 feature keys, plus a key to scroll through lists. Digium's open-standards philosophy means they've built a phone that you can customize to fit your business's priorities, including developing and implementing custom apps using their JavaScript API. A Gigabit Ethernet pass-through port with PoE support means you'll simplify your workspace while retaining top-notch speed.

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