Cleerline SSF-TKITE-100 Basic Fiber Testing Kit

  • The Cleerline SSF-TKITE-100 Fiber Test Kit provides the essential tools for optical link testing.  The Optical Power Meter, combined with Optical Light Source units, tests both multimode and single mode fibers to measure optical power loss on installed fiber.  This kit tests on four wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310, and 1550nm) with a range of 70dB.  Adapters to test SC and LC terminated cables are included. The test units, along with reference cables and adapters, are contained in a rugged case that keeps the items within neat, organized, and protected. 

    The TKITE-100 Fiber Test Kit allows testing of installed cables, connectors, splices, and links.  The Optical Multimode and Single Mode Light Sources and Power Meter (LSPM) measure loss for comparison to estimated loss calculated for the link or “loss budget.”  The SSF™ LSPM test set allows for measurements with a known good reference cable calibrated to “0 dB”.  Utilization of this kit provides for verification of cable links to industry standards.

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