Cleerline SSF-FKIT03P Professional Fiber Termination Kit

  • The Cleerline SSF-FKIT03P Fiber Termination Kit provides the essential tools for terminating both Cleerline SSF™ and traditional fiber optic cables.

    The kit’s high-precision wheel cleaver is factory adjusted to accurately cleave Stronger, Safer, Faster Cleerline SSF™. Work efficiency is maximized with the cleaver’s automatic collector for fiber shards and off-cuts, and the cleaver includes a universal cable holder to accommodate fibers 250µm to 3.0mm in diameter. The cleaver blade provides up to 48,000 cleaves via an easy blade position selection adjustment.

    The kit also includes a high-quality 650 nm visual fault locator for verification of terminations using visible laser light. A 2.5 mm SC to 1.25 mm LC adapter is included for flexibility of testing. 

    Additionally, fiber strippers, a cable slitter, and other hand tools to terminate fibers in a variety of jacket configurations are included in the kit. All kit contents are contained in a rugged case that keeps the items within neat and organized.

    • Cleaver factory-adjusted to perfectly cleave Cleerline SSF™
    • Cleaver blade position easily adjustable, allowing up to 48,000 cleaves
    • Visual fault locator laser operates at a visible wavelength for termination verification

    • (1) Precision Wheel Cleaver
    • (1) Visual Fault Locator, 650 nm
    • (1) 2.5 to 1.25 mm SC to LC Adapter
    • (1) Aramid Strand Fiber Shears
    • (1) Tri-hole Fiber Strippers
    • (1) 6” Side Cut Pliers
    • (1) Round Cable Slitter
    • (1) Fiber Optic Cleaning Cube
    • (1) 2 oz Aqua Kleen Fiber Optic Cleaner
    • (1) Safety Glasses
    • (1) Fiber Optic Disposal Unit
    • (1) Black Marker
    • (1) 50 mm Ruler
    • (1) Carrying Case

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