Cleerline S50125MOM3P SSF™ Duplex Multimode Plenum Fiber

  • Cleerline SSF™ Duplex Multimode Plenum Fiber

    Electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), and bandwidth constraints have met their match in our OM3 Multimode fiber. Ensure the speed and quality of data on applications with a 10Gbps signal transmitting without loss up to 1,000 feet. Use it with data, audio, video installations and just about any other applications you can may have.

    Go Long

    Experience more bandwidth at a greater distance. Cleerline Multimode fiber allows you to transmit a 10Gbps signal up to 1,000' without ever losing connection, making your world a whole lot smaller.

    Strength in Flexibility

    Better, stronger, and more flexible, Cleerline Multimode fiber maintains more than 10,000 times the bend capacity and 400 times the pull force of your standard fiber, blowing the competition out of the water.

    See You Later, Copper

    Unlike copper wires, fiber is not impacted by Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or Radio frequency interference (RFI). Once you install it, you’ll practically forget it’s there.

    Safety First

    It’s time to take the shock factor out of wiring. Cleerline Multimode fiber won’t penetrate skin or soft tissue, making it safe to work with. Plus, terminations are up to 50% faster compared to other standard glass fibers.

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